Mags Inc
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A book from one of our best early writers resurrected from the origins of the Mags Inc line.

This is the story of Steve on his path to becoming Stephanie, thanks to his employment at a very special women’s shoe store. After his basic training as a shoe salesperson to their select clientele is over, he and the owner realize he is a shoe fetishist. As a result she puts him in training to service the most select patrons in their special sales room. It is only the beginning of his complete degradation.

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    "Let me put it this way: your job is to make your legs and feet so pretty that your women customers will wish that their own gams and peds looked as good as yours because it is that wishing that makes them buy my shoes. Pure and simple. Tell me, do you have any reluctance about making your legs and feet look like girls' - and letting others see you after you've done that?"

    My head was spinning but I managed to respond quickly, "No, Cynthia. I'll keep my legs and feet at their very prettiest for you. I have no problem with that. It's certainly a new adventure for me and, from what you've told me, it seems like fun."