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A book from one of our best early writers resurrected from the origins of the Mags Inc line.

The continuation of this sexy story about Stephanie, once Stephan, as he 'services' the most special clients in the shoe store's private room
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    "I'm pleased that you're going to part of the class, Stephanie."

    At least her initial response was favorable. That made me very happy.

    "There's just one little thing," she continued, "... at least I hope you'll think of it as a little thing. I see that you signed up for the male class. I can understand why you did that, but I've moved you to the girl's class because we think that's where you belong. Don't worry, there will be a couple of other males who are now exploring their feminine sides, you know, Andrea who works with you in the boutique and Monica who you haven't met but who gives really great massages in our spa."

    "Andrea... hmmmm! Isn't that something! She is so totally convincing that I thought for sure that in her case Cynthia had allowed a real female to clerk in the Boutique. Who would have guessed it?"

    "Yes, she is like you, only a little further along in the program. By the way, I think it's OK for me to mention that you show every promise of being every bit as good at transforming yourself as Andrea, and perhaps even better. That's one of the things I like about you, Stephanie. You're very skilled, you know."