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The fascinating science fiction story of Jeffrey, now Lady Abigail, continues, with a completely surprising twist. The interplanetary war rages on and Lady Abigail realizes that she needs to look like a man again in order to escape her imprisonment. Even though her appearance has changed again, she still retains a very feminine aspect about her, putting her at risk in the male prison population. Will she escape? Will she find safety? And what happens when she runs into the love of her life who only knows her as a woman?

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    I hated getting back into the medshell, having all the leads attached to me, to my female parts. Jackie walked me to it and watched me disrobe, me, perfectly female, blushing and naked, before her. She directed me to the padded bed inside the shell and strapped me in.

    "You'll wake up off Foreman," Lady Jacqueline Ivany said to me with a smile of sympathy. "I'd love to see yo awaken, Abigail, but I have to work on the planet. Anya," she nodded at the female medtech from somewhere in the Nebula Kingdom, "has supervised this kind of transformation several times with the agent I told you about. She won't talk to you about that. She will see yo through to your final destination. Sleep will Jeffrey. When you next awaken, that's who you'll be, Jeffery Dowerson himself!"