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James Gow could be sent to a high security prison for 20 years of hard labor, but instead he shipped off to Special Unit 69. Instead of the expected punishment he is transformed into the sexy Sarah. What befalls him in this unusual world of virtual sexual slavery? (96 pages)

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    "Sarah Pennington needs her operations but quick, Jaqueline, what time schedule had you planned?"

    "At present Sarah is doped to the eyeballs and has no idea as to what is happening to her. She is receiving shots of hormones every day. I intend in four weeks time to do cosmetic surgery on her, a nose job to start with. The only person who has access to her apart from me and the nurses attending her is Gloria. All Gloria talks to Sarah about is how wonderful she will find being a love machine and taking her place."

    "Good. You know, ever since Sarah has come to the Unit I have yet to see her dressed in woman's clothes."

    "At present she is in a nightie and when sh'es in bed most of the time. However, say the word and I will make sure she is dressed in all her woman's finery. She is so doped up she has no idea what is happening around her and the subliminal messages are getting through to her."