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Lynn Marion's mother always treated him like a girl, but he is now looking to start his life as an adult and is looking for a job. He meets Deborah Parsons who likes what she sees in the young man and hires him. Soon he is being feminized and has begun duties as a maid. How does he react to this new reality? How would you? (88 pages)

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    "I asked you how long you have been a transvestite?" she repeated. "Heavens, are you really that dense of deaf?"

    "No Ma'am, I'm not deaf and I am not a trans whatever," I blurted, my face turning every shade of red imaginable because in my heart, I knew that was a lie. I have been addicted to wearing female clothing and pretending to be a female since my earliest memories. But how did she know?

    Before I knew what she was going to do, she had done it, stepped close and slapped my face as hard as she could. Then she back handed me on the other side and my head rang like a bell.

    "Do not lie to me, little girl, ever. The next like you tell me, I shall take your pants down and blister that fat ass of yours!" she threatened.