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Tim and Sally, husband and wife, are struggling over the issue of children. It seems Sally is unwilling and Tim is not happy about it. Then he finds an ad for a company named Surrogate Sex that might offer a solution. But Sally becomes even more interested when she learns of a novel called Turnabout.

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    "But honey, it's not as if I was consciously trying to degrade you, it's just that..."

    "It's just that you don't know any different, do you?" Sally said cooling down slightly. She didn't want to overplay her hand just yet. "It's not your fault that you could never truly understand what it's like being on the receiving end all the time. You're just a man, doing 'man' things."

    Tim looked totally embarrassed, much to her satisfaction.

    "No, I guess..." Tim swallowed his pride and nodded slowly, not quite sure how he could respond to the obvious statement.

    "The only way you could ever hope to know what a hell it can be most of the time would be if you and I were somehow able to trade places." She said evenly.

    She turned to face him, to watch his expression in the light of the oncoming cars.

    "Of course, since that could never happen, you're pretty safe in your oh, so superior 'man's' world."

    "Superior 'man's' world?" Tim asked, wondering if his wife had suddenly become a feminist.

    "And even if it could be done, changing places that is, you wouldn't do it, because you'd never lower yourself or give up your precious 'penis status' to be a mere female in this damned male dominated world."

    "That sounded like a challenge," Tim said, his pride hurt, but still relieved that it would be a challenge that would never be taken up.

    "No Dear, just the truth. You couldn't handle being a woman, not even for an instant." Sally said, crossing her arms over her breasts, satisfied she had won the argument, at least for the night. "Just forget I ever said anything."