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Lius Cecil Diaz's mother and her friend, Ms. Angela, trained little Luis into a totally submissive feminine slave, ready to instantly ovey anyone's orders the minute he wore a skirt. What would happen to poor Luis if he accepted the domination of a woman determined to find him a husband.

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    "Wear it for me, lulu," the woman ordered, tossing the silken garment to me.

    I caught the oriental print sheathe dress, gaped at Mis. Rachel, my mouth wide, my heart thudding loudly as I wondered, vainly, how I might extricate myself from my predicament without any more damage being done to my already shaky reputation.

    My lady friend, Ms. Rachel Lynne Kline, lolled on my sofa, a knowing, sardonic grin curving her lips as she waited for me to obey her command.

    I shook my head. "I don't think that would be wise..." I demorred.

    "Didn't you tell me that you had been taught to obey instantly when any woman gave you a direct order?" she demanded.

    "Well, yes... I did, but... but..." I weaseled reluctantly.

    "But nothing! Quit this mucking about and get dressed!" she ordered sternly

    There was no way I would be able to avoid wearing the sheathe for her now! I had told her my secret, that I had been raised to obey all women, and that it was almost impossible for me to resist and imperious, dominating woman's direct order!