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Someday in the future there exists a special school for young men, who just cannot adjust to the demands of society. Herein is the diary of just such a young man sent to the Black Rose Academy by his father, to become a woman!

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    I have not been a very good boy. My father is tired of trying to teach me how to be a good boy for eighteen years.

    I have been sent to the Black Rose Training Academy, to be taught how to be a girl. When I have learned how to do so successfully I will then be taught how to be a woman. When I have learned how to do this successfully as well, my sex will be changed to female. I will then spend the rest of my life on earth, living as a woman.

    I am obviously quie depressed about this. I just wanted to have fun and enjoy my life. I figured it really didn't matter if I accomplished anything with it. Apparently I was wrong. I am required to work like everyone else. And since I refused to do so as a male, my destiny has been changed to that of a female.

    I will be learning and performing women's work for the rest of my life. And when I fail to do as instructed, I will be deeply humiliated for my failure. And if that doesn't work, I will be subjected to bondage and discipline. And if that doesn't get me to work, I'll be thrown into a Slave Brothel where I'll be chained in submissive display for the pleasure of any man that chooses to pay the price for using me as he pleases.