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Reluctant Press Cover

Shawn's career ambitions are a bit unusual, he wants to work as a secretary. He's a good student and succeeding in those studies, but he lacks the one thing that would truly make him a success, femininity. Follow along as he is brought into the world of being a sexy and talented young female secretary, but with a little something extra.

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    Ms. Jacqueline was so right, marveled Shawn, shivering at the smoothness of his nylon covered legs as he pulled the pretty yellow panties into place. Turning his back in modesty, Shawn removed his towel as he reached for the brassiere. He slipped the straps up his now hairless arms and began fumbling with the snaps behind his back.

    Jacqueline, realizing he must learn to dress himself, remained seated, watching with a tolerant smile as Shawn twisted first one way, and then the other until finally Shawn managed to close the snaps behind his back.

    Anxious to cover the prominent bulge in his panties, he quickly stepped into the pretty half slip. It must have four inches of lace at the hem Shawn observed, smoothing the slip so that it fell to two inches above his knees. He pulled the lacy chemise over his head, tugged the satin shoulder straps into place over the straps of his bra, and smoothed the hem which fell just below the waistband of his slip and panties.

    His senses were flooded with feminine feelings as Ms Jacqueline sprayed a generous amount of perfume behind each of his ears and on his wrists until he realized in surprise that it was the same scent that he had worn to school. Now, he knew why some of the girls seemed so amused when he sat next to them!

    “Very pretty, Shawn,” she noted with a smile knowing that he had discovered the truth about the fragrance, but her words stilled any protests as she instructed him further. “Now step into your heels. Since you were such a good boy last night, you may select anything you like from your closet.”

    Overcome by his feelings of feminine joy Shawn floated to his knees in front of his mistress and pressed his cheek firmly against Ms. Jacqueline’s tummy through the blue nylon of her pajamas.

    “Oh, Ms Jacqueline!”, he began, “I feel so...”, but he did not have the words to describe his emotions.

    “I know, Shawn”, she smiled down at him, holding his head against her firm tummy. “Would you like me to choose something for you?” she asked.

    “Mmmm, yes Ma’am” he respectfully whispered.