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The Changers is 5 Spectrum tales where someone causes changes to normal males. Customizing Your Husband gives one wife's means of getting what she wanted of her husband. Improvements Incorporated is a company that a wife hires to change her husband, but does it work? He's Her Wife's Lover tells of a man who's jealousy of his wife's lesbian lover, leads him into strange territories. In To Save A Son, a mother takes a measure to help her son stay out of jail with unusual results. In Shaman Rescued we have a change to strange to describe...

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    From To Save a Son...

    Yes, my boyish/animalistic drives had been curbed by the drugs fed me, but not exactly in a way that the doctor and the Sisters had expected. Furthermore, since the drugs had seemed to be effecive, they kept me on them. They did quit the tranquilizers, but the withdrawal (like hitting menopause) that I went through as an attempt to stop the hormones led them to keep them going.

    The devil himself, whom they must have thought had entered their premises that night in the guise of a youth (me), had been driven out and replaced by a much calmer person, who wasn't a horrid youth but a subdued girl, rapidly turning into a young woman.