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Five New Woman Tales about women changing men into women using force, trickery. magic and even simple inducements. Irene leaves women's clothes for David to wear in The Attic. Diane uses The Mirror to exchange places with Jackson. Gloria transforms Dave into a lead singer for an all girl band in Rachel 'N' Roll. Emily, a ghost, haunts Geoff with startling results in A Matter of Timing. Robert's wife decides he needs to see what it is like to be pregnant in Vanessa.

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    From The Mirror... Who'd believe me anyway if I told my story? I'd end up being locked away in a pleasant home with nice people i white uniforms looking after me.

    Except that I'm not crazy and it's true! I was a man who'd become a woman! You believe me don't you? Well, I was!

    Still, I have to admit, Diane did the right thing by me. There was a bank account with a great deal of money in it, and she left securities and bonds and identification and other things for me, so that all I had to do was practice her signature (my signature now) and be her!

    .... I examined myself thoroughly; everything was functioning. I don't know why I did it; maybe I just hoed this was all some sort of elaborate hoax and I have been pt into some sort of rubber of plastic "suit" or whatever, I just don't know! I was grasping at straws.