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Four Spectrum Tales of female domination and forced transformation: Deserved Change, where a rapist has the high heeled shoe put on the other foot. Mommie's Girl, the story of a boy raised as the most feminine of girls. In Twin Twins, two sets of fraternal twins become identical for a make-over contest. In an Old Fashioned Girl, a peeping Tom, becomes one...

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    From Old Fashioned Girl... Meanwhile all my boy's clothes were packed in my suitcases and locked away int he storeroom. The clothing from the trunks had been packed with lavender sachet and the odor filled my room for weeks afterward. There were all sorts of dresses, petticoats, corsets, figure trainer, shoes, and every type of female lingerie you could imagine. There were also cosmetics from that era, which were all dried out, but the girls said 'no problem, we have plenty of our own'