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Gladys is a transgender woman, at least she (he?) believes so. So she is overjoyed when she is awarded the prestigious Barnes Scholarship to a college that is welcoming to those who are transgender. All she has to do is maintain excellent grades and be accepted as a transgender pledge in the Omega Alpha Sorority. His only problem is that his pledge mother is determined to humiliate him and force him to quit.

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    "You boys all missed having a real girlhood. This week you will have that experience. There are some boxes under the bed. You are to wear the contents to the chapter meeting tonight."

    By the time I had kissed the hem of her gown and she had slithered down the stairs, I was shaking like a leaf.

    When I saw the contents of the boxes, I nearly fled.

    I lay the contents our on the bed. What I saw was a complete ensemble for a nine-year-old girl going to a party. I was sure, however, that I had never seen a nine-year-old girl decked out for any party I had ever been to in quite such a hyper-effeminate costume.

    Trembling, I looked over the garments. I dressed myself with great trepidation, quaking as my new juvenile image appeared in the mirror. I was relieved to be out of my Figure Former, but that was short lived as I slipped into a thigh length camisole of white nylon tricot with a ruched ruffle at the hem. Wid satin straps rested on my shoulders. My body was flat again, but over lays of lace covered my body, down to my waist.

    ... I began to feel like an idiot...