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Martin, a prisoner being forced to serve as a love slave in a Mexican prison rejoices when he finds he is to be paroled to a Manuela Granado. That is until he discovers that she is running program to turn effeminate prisoners into maids and love slaves for wealthy matrons. How far will this go?

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    "You'd be surprised querido, how many well-to-do middle aged seemingly happily married women in our country live lives of sexual desperation when their husbands can easily afford to buy the favors of younger woman. My referrals will be passable females, competent as the average maid, but also will be able to grant sexual gratification at any time of the day, specifically whenever the man of the house is at work or tending to his own pleasure."

    Manuela had been talking as if enjoying a dream, looking out the window with a smile.

    She suddenly turned to me.

    "Do you get my drift, Maria? Do you see your important position in my program? Now it is up to you to give me your reaction and how you feel about going the next step with me. It is so important for success for you to see the benefits for yourself in this."