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Aaron's sister, Suzie, has talked him into wearing a costume consisting of her clothes and wig to a charity scavenger hunt. He finds out only too late that she is a witch and this change is more than just cosmetics and clothes. Follow along in this family's twisted hijinx.

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    "But how? Why? How could she have done this to me?" Aaron could feel his eyes tearing up again. Mrs. Roberts brushed a few stands of blonde hair away from his cute face.

    "I really don't think that it was intentional, darling," his mother said softly. "It was most likely the cause of the accident. You see, Susie has a kind of special ability, I suppose you could call it a talent."

    "A talent?"

    "In the old days, she would have been called a witch..."

    "My thoughts exactly, she's a witch!" Aaron interjected angrily.

    His mother flashed a warning look. Aaron fell silent waiting for his mother to continue.

    "As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, young lady."

    Aaron cringed.

    "Your sister has a talent that is passed down only on the female side of my family."

    "The females, Mom? Then that means that you can change me back, right?" Aaron said excitedly.

    Mrs. Roberts looked at her son sadly.

    I'm afraid I can't..."