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Reluctant Press Book Cover

Three Spectrum Stories: In Kitty, a young cowboy escapes the hangman's noose by hiding in a brothel. A disguise seems to be required. Max learns that Tending Houseplants Can Be Dangerous. when he offers to help a friend on vacation only to discover that he is being put into dresses by a gun moll. Our last hero was ready to accept the idea of being a Tax Slave, but was he ready to become a bride?

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    Joe looked at his reflection in the mirrors and for a moment he was so flabbergasted that he found it hard to catch his breath.

    Surely the image in the mirror had to be that of a young woman. It certainly couldn't be him!

    His prettily made up face had bangs that fell in a soft blonde wave over his forehead, and his face was framed in the mass of white blonde curls that fell all about his head. The smooth elegance of the French twist in back. Pretty earrings dangled from his ears, and his necklace hung between the boobs that jutted out from under his frilly pink blouse. His waist was so incredibly small! Accented by the fullness of his petticoats. He almost daintily used his thumb and middle fingers to lift the front of his skirt to hear the rustle of satin as he stared unbelieving at his white starched crawers and black silk clad legs.

    "Oh my God!" Joe exclaimed, causing the girls to feign shock by covering their mouths with their right hands.