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Reluctant Press Book Cover

Two New Woman Stories - Mark really needs to lose weight, but when he borrows The Exercise Tape from his secretary, he had no idea the changes it would bring! Robert Billings' wife Nancy had something else in my when she insisted, Honey, Please Take Off My Clothes.

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    For some strange reason he had a nightmare about being working in his office. He was himself, dressed as a man, yet he glimpsed his form as that of a woman! He knew that he was supposed to submit a report on how to improve the workplace, but all he could think of was the men making smutty jokes in his presence, or their reaching over to secretly pinch or pat his obviously female rear as he walked by their desks as they made lewd suggestions. When he turned to protest these vulgar intrusions was when he realized that he was dressed only in the sexy pink panties that wanda had given him to wear!