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Three New Woman Stories: In A Girl to Kill For, an assassin, Olivia, toys with time travel and sex change to accomplish her assignment. In Hazardous Material a toxic waste engineer discovers that there can be a fate worse than death, or is it? In a wife wants to make her life easier by magically changing the future, what will happen to her when she wishes for My Husband, The Wet Nurse?

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    Lori, satisfied that she had everything she needed to wear, started to turn around just as Jim walked out of the bathroom. When she saw him, her suddenly forgotten clothing fell to the floor.

    He was totally naked and appeared to be totally oblivious to the two feminine breasts stuck firmly to his chest.

    He had BOOBS!

    He had grown a pair of breasts. Not the small deposits of fat that men sometimes get when they're overweight, but a full formed set of women's breasts! And in less than four hours!

    The looked like her own, complete with nipples that were as large as her fingertips. Lori fought the impulse to scream or to look down at her own breasts to see if they were still there. Her shocked mind barely registered Jim's voice as he spoke.

    "Ah, you finally made it out of bed, I see. Shower's free if you want to use it," Jim announced, rubbing his hair vigorously with his towel. His breasts shook in time with the motion of his arms, looking oddly sensuous.