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Five New Woman Stories from Ms. Colli: In She Took My Dare, a husband dares his wie to transform him. When the young man was selected to be The Candidate to work in an all women office, the girls decide to help him fit in. What is The Proper Punishment for rape? A lightning bolt puts one man through A Shocking Change. A CIA assassin finds himself in The Damnedest Situations when the company decides that he needs to be in skirts to best complete his next assignment.

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    The judge then told me he had a plan.

    "If you agree to my plan, you will not go to prison. Instead, two other things will happen. First you will hand write an apology to your victim. Second, after you've written and signed the apology, you'll be taken straight away to the county hospital were you'll immediately undergo a sex change operation. Your body will be reshaped by a plastic surgeon. After surgery, I've arranged for you wife to teach you all of the thins necessary for you to know as a woman."

    "Let me make it quite clear to you," he let me know. "If you should be so foolish as to refuse this plan, I will sentence you ro prison for life. And I will personally see to it that you're sent to a maximum security prison for armed and dangerous prisoners.

    My feelings were in a whirl. It was time to consider everything very carefully.

    If I didn't sign, the judge would see to it that I became a sex plaything for men who were mean and rough. I had read what they did to their playthings. They usually castrated them the first thing. And, when they were through with them, they either gave them to their friends or they killed them. I could well lose my life.