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John Wilkenson has stumbled across something like a telephone booth made by a makeup and prop company. It's an amazing gadget designed to quickly transform an actor into whatever character he or she is supposed to portray, only he doesn't understand that, at first at least. Next thing you know he's the exact duplicate of his girlfriend. As the two of them puzzle this out, she gets an idea. What if she became him. It's only the beginning of this strange adventure.

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    "John, have you thought about what we talked about yesterday?" Alison asked him.

    John's mind was still on the glorious time he had just had because Alison's strange half and half body had once again sent him to the heights of unbelievable ecstasy. He had never believed that story about multiple orgasms... until now.

    "Thought about what?" he mused aloud as though he was in a daze, which he was.

    "Trading places with me for a while." Alison traced little designs around John's semi erect nipples with her finger through the thin fabric of the T-shirt.

    "Hum? How long is a while?" John asked beginning to feel the effects of Alison's gentle caresses, just as Alison had planned that he would.

    "Oh, I don't know. Hmmm, how about since your parents and my aunt and uncle will be gone for at least another two weeks, how about until a few days before they get back home?" Alison suggested.