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Coming from a family of naturally beautiful men, young Bobby is not surprised to learn that his grandfather avoided the draft in the Civil War by hiding in skirts and that his father loves to dress up in dainty lingerie. And now it seems to be Bobby's turn to become someone named Cynthia under the dominance of a 'wicked stepmother' - Doris. A classic crossdressing and forced feminization story

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    The loss of membership in the drama club saddened me, for it meant the end of my prep-school stage career. I learned, years later, that the drama coach was greatly relieved to be rid of me; for my extended time as Cynthia had brought me to the point that, to one skilled in mannerisms as he was trained to be, my behaviour patterns had become embarrassingly feminine, especially when I began to act. Looking back, it makes sense that my acting should be most affected by my training; for it was Cynthia, the actress, not Bobby, the actor who performed for Doris in her endless drills though that long, long winter.