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Diane discovers a secret formula within a mummy's sarcophagus that is supposed to contain the ancient remains of a man, but instead it contains the mummy of a woman. Deducing that this formula had something to do with this suspected transformation, she decides to use the it against her sexist boss. It accidently is taken by her fiance, leaving her with a little problem... Will the change in her lover be a curse or a blessing?

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    "We've got to tell him the truth."

    "What if he gets violent or something?" Alison protested, "I'd hate to see him do anything rash, like try to kill us... or himself."

    "Why would he want to do that?" Diana asked, genuinely bewildered by her friend's fears. " Eric is basically a very calm and stable person, he wouldn't do anything like that."

    "Diana," Alison sighed, trying patiently to get her friend to understand. "Eric might be the most patient man on earth. But that doesn't mean that when he finds out what you've done to him and that his life as a male is gone forever, that he wouldn't react the way a man typically would. In anger and violently!"

    "Oh, I see what you mean." Diana fell silent for a second or two knowing that Eric would have every right to feel anger at what had happened. She weighed the consequences of telling him now or later.

    "I'm still going to tell him," Diana promised having made up her mind.

    "I think that you're crazy." Alison slowly shook her head. "But you may be right, he's going to find out about it sooner or later anyway. And later isn't necessarily better."