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Singing Sparrow, a member of the Quoheemish tribe, is what is known as 'two spirit' or transgender. As such she is regarded as special and is revered by her people.
When the white settlers arrive, she finds out that most of them do no see people like her the same way, however. She must be careful to keep her secret from them or be reviled. Not all white men will see her that way, however!
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    I worked hard on Moon Owl's Quoheemish dress, and soon it was ready. "We will go into the woods," I said, "so no one else will see you put it on." My mungushi and my nipples were already hard at the thought of viewing Moon Owl's nudity.

    "Thank you, Singing Sparrow," she said. "I can still hardly believe my good fortune. My heart was thrilled with rapture when I learned that a male girl would actually be held in honor here by the Quoheemish! I could never have imagined!!"

    "We believe it is the will of the Great Spirit, who creates male girls with special destinies," I said. "I do not know why the white men do not think so."

    "I do not know either, but they certainly do not. They think a male girl is good for nothing but to lie down with men."

    "You do not like to lie down with men?"

    Moon Owl's face grew red. "Well, yes, sometimes I do," she said. "I ran away from home because I thought it would make me happy to wear women's clothes in front of everyone, and to lie down with men. It was exciting for a while, but it did not make me happy. I ended up little better than a slave for the bad woman called Ma Hellfire".