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Cynthia, as the author of several stories, brings us tow new Spectrum tales under the title of Sweet Charity. In her first tale, Public Assistance, a young man learns that a college degree is not enough to get a job. He needs work experience. So he agrees to do anything to get a job, not realizing that the ladies at the employment office had the perfect job for a willing worker... In Nanny, a man learns that charity has a bottom line too...

  • Female Domination
  • Forced Transformation
  • Adult sexual situations
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    From Public Assistance:

    "Carry on , girl..." Ms. Jolene led the femininely dressed Jaye from the closet, down the hallway, to where is cart waited patiently. "And now that we have you properly dressed as one of my maids, I will expect you to curtsey whenever you see me, or what I give you an order. Understand, girl?"

    "Yes Ms. Jolene." he responded with a curtsy causing her to nod her approval.

    "You'll learn." Giving his prominent borron one last quick caress, she left him to his chores.

    Hopelessly humiliated, Jaye began cleaning the room, fully aware of the skirt and slip hems tickling the backs of his thighs, reminding him constantly of their short presence.

    "Thank God, no one can see me!" he thought.

    He was bent over the bathtub, scrubbing vigorously when Ms. Jolene entered and inspected his work carefully. The, to his great surprise, she nodded her head, satisfied.

    Without being aware that he did so, Jaye curtseyed deeply  the woman. "Oh thank you, Ms. Jolene," he murmured in gratitude.

    "See Jayce? I know you had it in you! All it took was the proper attitude and the appropriate accoutrements to get you started down the right track! Isn't that right, girl?" she demanded knowingly.

    Jay blushed deeply.

    Yes , Ma'am,"he agreed hoarsely.