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Four New Woman Sci-Fi stories: Forbidden Planet is about a woman's world and what happens to trespassing men. To Fit the Crime is about a future where a rapist discovers true terror. M.C.P. (male chauvinist pig) concerns such a man who finds himself in hot water after he and his wife encounter an alien with a sense of justice. In All Change an absent minded professor learns that forgetfulness can have strange results.

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    From M.C.P....

    The first inkling of what Sue had planned came to me when I woke the following morning. Sensing that something was not right, I threw off the bed clothes... and screamed!

    I seemed to have the body of a toddler of two or three years of age; a girl toddler, I quickly discovered.

    Hearing my scream, Sue entered the bedroom, smiling.

    "Good morning, sweetheart, did you sleep well?"

    I tried to shout at her, but stopped, horrified, when I heard my piping, little girl's voice.

    "What have you done to me?" I asked, shrilly.

    "I thought you understood yesterday," she replied. I'm sick of your chauvinistic attitude. So was Corwen. We decided that the best way to teach you was to let you experience femaledom at first hand. This is your first lesson. Now come. It's time to get dressed."