Updates to our look

I've taken your criticisms to heart and made some changes to the website.

  1.  I've created a better way to access your wish list.
  2.  I'm adding "Add to Cart" buttons to the home page and am looking into adding them to the category listings as well. If you know you want to buy something, why not just click on it rather than going to a description?
  3.  I'm adding short PDF previews for the books.
  4.  I'm improving the descriptions to include more specifics on what subjects might be found in individual books.

These last two are going to take some time to implement. All new listings will include them, but I've got so many books to add to the site to make it complete, that this is a big challenge.

If you have any ideas on how to imporve the website, please contact me at ellenbrennecke1@gmail.com.

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