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Reluctant Press Book Cover

Three stories: In Model Engineer - Dan agrees to a few modeling shots for his wife and begins a whole new career. In Cindy - Ward is sent off to a special school for children of divorced parents only to be changed into the lovely Cindy. In The Dancing Girls - the gang gets together to put on a Christmas show and several of the boys must fill in the chorus line. This leads to a whole new life.

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    "I don't believe you," he said, "you are a beautiful girl, even if I am not allowed to say so."

    "You are so wrong. I am not a girl at all, I am a boy who lives as a girl, and you can too."

    "You'll have to prove that to me, no way are you a boy."

    "All right," I responded as I started to remove my blouse and skirt, followed by my bra, garter belt and panties. My breasts stood out proud and firm with my nipples erect from the cool breeze coming in the window. When I removed my gaffe he almost fainted for there was what remained of my manhood about the size of a ten year olds'.

    After a short while Tommy told me it was hard to believe, even seeing me nude.

    "Can you help me?"