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Reluctant Press Book Cover

Bob Evans loved contests so it was no surprise when he entered the $175,000 contest offered by the Crystal Palace Spa and Health Club, despite their restriction about only women being eligible. He won his legal challenge, but what exactly did he win?

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    "Wh... why do you keep calling me Miss and wha...what... mean... surgery?" I managed to force my reluctant tongue to stutter. "I... I d... didn't ag... agree to... a... any sur... gery."

    "Oh but of course you did Miss Evans! Don't you remember all those papers you signed last night? Let me see if I can refresh your memory, but first I need to give you this little injection. Now, you just lie still and enjoy. This morphine will stop any pain and provide a very strong feeling of euphoria. No! Don't try to fight it. It is too late in any case. There now, that didn't hurt, did it?"