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Reluctant Press Book Cover

Margo discovers a lovely pair of jewel encrusted red high heel slippers in a curio shop in Strassbourg. Oddly enough the shopkeeper would only sell them to a man, so her husband Fred agrees and they take them home. However, Fred learns too late that if a shoe fits, don't wear it!!

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    I found that these shoes were becoming a small obsession with me. Since I had first put them on and worn them the comfort and ease of moving, and the, well, I guess it was primarily the comfort after all. I had no shoes that were that comfortable. I wore slacks, a sports shirt and another pair of thin nylon socks that day. Need I say that the socks were "in preparation" should the chace arise? And here the chance was more or less pushed on me.

    Again, as the sound of her engine died away in the distance, I moved to the case, opened it and took out the shoes. They seemed to sparkle even more than the day before... and I wasn't even anywhere near the sun that was streaming in the window of the dining nook. Maybe I should have the stones evaluated.