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Husband and wife, Joe and Hedy have an agreement. Even though she is a successful fashion designer, she has agreed to stay at home as the happy homemaker as long as he can support her. But if he becomes unemployed for more that 30 days, he will take over that role and she will go back to work. This seems perfectly agreeable to him, until it happens and his mother-in-law arrives to "train" him in the domestic arts.

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    "You know we started your change because you were incapable to support the house and because I wanted to go back to work and stop playing, unwillingly, the role of the perfect housewife. Then things went farther little by little until we reached a point of no return. I want you to know that I never meant to harm you in any way. In fact, I loved you very much when we started on this road and I love you now. The thing is my love for you has changed is quality. Before I loved you with a woman to man love and I had a carnal desire for you. But, somewhere in your evolution you became so feminine I could not see you anymore like a man since you were now more of a woman. To love you in a sexual sense became repulsive to me because I'm not a lesbian. I like your qualities as a human being and I admire your feminine charm and grace, so I now love you very much, but only as a very dear friend who happens to be a very special girl."