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Chris and Steve, graduate cultural anthropology students, have traveled to a remote Appalachian valley in search of a Goddess cult to research for their dissertation. They find the High Priestess, Candide, but she decides that they need to be guided into the world of womanhood and then enlisted into the "Breeder's Club".

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    "Both of you seem to be having a lively case of it, whatever it is." agreed Gina, reaching over to feel Chris' forehead with the back of her hand. "But you don't feel like you have a fever, and neither does Steve."

    "It sure hurts, though," Chris told the girls. "All the way to my toes and up to the top of my head, along with every thing in between those two places joining in."

    "Well, both of you seem to be changing physically," Jen looked at him carefully, from head to toe. "Maybe this is part of that."

    "Or it could be morning sickness," Gina helpfully put in.

    "Please don't even think that," Chris begged. "It would be right in line with that woman in the forest told us, but I think she meant we'd end up getting that way in the usual fashion, you know?"

    "Well," Gina teased, "If the two of you start getting fat in the middles, we'll know for sure, won't we?"