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Reluctant Press Cover

The original classic... Unfortunately-named Joyce was a boy who had fallen on hard times and turned to petty crime to survive. He decided that a dormitory would be easy pickings to find some jewelry to hock. But Joyce had chosen an apartment in which some "mean girls" lived. They capture him and decide on quite the original punishment!

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    “What shall we do with such a messy little toy?”

    “Look, you’ve had your games. Let me go...”

    “I said shut up,” Ann ordered again, swinging her right hand in a sound slap that struck so hard that his head snapped to one side and he screamed in pain, “Or I shall have a gag in your mouth. And keep those knees together!”

    “Her bath is ready,” Norma announced, entering the room to observe Ann’s brutal blow and the youth’s shocked response as his knees came together sharply.

    Sue untied Joyce and the four of them escorted his naked form into the hall between the adjoining bedrooms and their joint bath where a tub filled with pink foaming bubbles awaited him.

    “Here, take this can and spray yourself,” Norma ordered, handing him a shaving cream spray can, designed for women, which he used to spray pink foam on his almost hairless body.

    Then, as he stood where Sue indicated while Norma and June each took lady’s razors and shaved his body clean except for his pubic hairs, Sue suggested be kept shaved to a female’s shape.

    “There, all pretty,” Betty sighed.