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Practically a Girl by Alice Trail and Sandy Thomas Sandy Thomas, mags inc, crossdressing stories, forced feminization, transgender stories, transvestite stories, feminine domination story, sissy maid stories, Sandy Thomas
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    Female DominationForced FeminizationCrossdressingHumiliation

    His Wifes Wife by Alice Trail sandy thomas, mags inc, crossdress, transvestite, transvestism, transgender. tv fiction classics, my son the actress
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      I was invited to dinner the following weekend and sure enough Patrick was wearing 'something nice' as I requested. Under a lace embellished apron, he wore cream colored slacks and a pale blue silk blouse with long dressy sleeves that was just sheer enough to reveal his camisole. In addition was a pair of court shoes with two inch heels and white nylons were visible beneath the hem of his trousers. To my utter amazement, he was also wearing a strand of pearls around his neck and matching...