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The continued story of Elliot's transformation continues, despite his struggles to resist.

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    "I'm not sure you understand what is intended for you, darling," Judith said sternly. "Your life is moving in a new direction. You have to become a cute, sexy girl, and you are expected to accept and respond to the attentions of men and boys. I know it must be difficult to adjust, but really it is for the best. With the remarkable progress you've already made at the wonderful school, I'm sure you'll have no problem landing a handsome, wealthy husband once you've graduated."

    A h... husband?" Elliot gasped. The file at the Chrissy Institute came back to his memory and he shuddered at the implication of her words.

    "Why yes, Judith smiled. "Darling, you were never much of a boy, but you'll make an absolutely stunning wife for some up and coming executive or rich playboy. That's what you father wants for you, so the sooner you accept that and grow accustomed to flirting with, and dateing men, the easier and more exciting you life will be. Besides, isn't that Rod just dreamy?"