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Francis is a crossdresser on the run and running out of funds. He spots a boy dressed as a girl and speaking with the lad's guardian, Francis is offered a position requiring he passes as a feminine male.

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    Well at the time the thought of wearing that lingerie full time and growing my hair and nails femininely long and just acting girlish I thought would be great, a real kick It was really a dream come true, especially since there was the potential of being helped along by a cooperating female. And as I really did not have any job or prospects for a good job, so I thought why not and told her so. So the deal was struck. I pretended I was hesitant about it but having little choice in the matter would at least give it a try, without making any promises. But the truth be told I could hardly wait to get into the promised lingerie. The difficulty for me would be losing the weight. I had let myself go a bit.