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Shipping Rates and Exclusions

General Information

All orders are shipped using USPS, Priority Mail for domestic orders, Global Flatpack or First Class for International orders. Large International orders are broken up and shipped over several days, for your privacy. All orders are carefully double wrapped also for your privacy. If you wish special handling, please call before placing your order. As you can see below, all regions have a shipping cap, so the more you order, the more you save in shipping.

Note: We have had a slight increase in Canadian shipping rates due to increased costs.

Domestic Shipping

Due to increases in postage for priority mail, we charge minimum $6.00 per order for up to 6 items and an extra $1.00 per item over that up to 12 items. Maximum shipping charge is $12.00 for any amount over that.

Canadian Shipping

All items are shipped at $2.00 per item, plus a $4.50 handling fee.

Outside of North America

All items are shipped at $2.50 per item, plus a $12.50 handling fee.


We do not ship to Eastern Europe, Africa, most Middle Eastern countries (although will ship to Israel), China, North Korea, and Singapore, mostly due to local laws. Please call us if you wish to discuss your situation 1-818-936-9559 or email us at