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Continued from Husband to Sissy. Dan slips deeper and deeper into a feminine lifestyle, with his wife's insistence of course! When his son comes home, of course he must assume a disguise as well, in order for all to remain safe from the mob.

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    "You said it, not me! Your current disguise isn't sufficient to fool those gangsters if they get a close look. It's your shape that will give you away. Still I think you can carry it off if you lose a few pounds and develop some curves in the right places."

    "Clothes? Curves? I'm just trying to hide from the mob until we can pay off Sid. Dressing this way isn't permanent and I have no desire to become a woman!"

    "If women's clothes and makeup alone won't hide you when Louie gets a really close look," Helen reasoned. "the the only way to hide from those bastards is to appear natural in your disguise."

    "Agreed, but how do I accomplish that?"

    I can help you develop a convincing figure, but you must fully cooperate. Of course that kind of miracle necessitates help from the proper undergarments and certain medications."

    "Medications? What kind of medications?"

    "Low level doses of estrogen taken on a regular basis will soften your appearance and round out your contours enough to make you appear to be a woman whether you war slacks, dresses, or skirts."

    "Estrogen? Female hormones?" I gasped, "Oh no! I didn't sign on for that!"

    "There's no gray here, only black and white, Dan! Either you go along with my suggestion or you march over to Sid's and give yourself up!" she snarled. "If you won't do the things necessary to stay alive, go ahead and get killed the easy way!"