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Dan's a handsome fellow, but not the least bit ambitious. However he is married to Helen, a type A corporate climber. Things are good for a while, until he loses his job and then goes into deep debt to a loan shark in a poker game. Helen seized the opportunity to force him into a new identity, one that will naturally include him taking over the housework.

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    "Don't worry about those bad gambling buddies of yours, dear." she cooed. "I'll spread the word that you left town last night. I'll be as convincing as possible, but be sure to maintain your feminine demeanor in case one of them sneaks up for a peek through the window."

    She had a point. I would have to maintain my feminine disguise at all times. If Sid didn't come looking for me himself, he was sure to send Louie the Mauler and his thugs to check out the situation.

    Waving her hand as she left, Helen cooed, "Toddle do, Dan, darling. Have fun with the housework. Don't worry too much, you look convincing enough to fool anyone at a distance."

    The day seemed to last forever, as my every nerve was on edge with fear that Sid or his hoods would find me. The fact that I wearing feminine shorts, T-shirt and panties, only added to my nervousness. I jumped at every sound and looked for a place to hide until I realized it was only the wind or passing traffic. I peeped from behind the curtains now and them, but I didn't see any of Sid's guys around. I did, however, see a couple of teenage boys scurrying away from the house a couple of times.