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Alan and Annette are your basic average newlyweds off to visit her family, mother and two sisters, for the first time. Now she is a pretty high powered executive and he has been working as her PA as he is much less aggressive than she is. The company has asked her to move to another town and setup a new office but there is no need for him. Mom and the two sisters, every bit as dominant as Annette, offer to look after him, while she is away. Soon his very appearance and style are changing!

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    I knew immediately that there was no sense in struggling. Knew that she was straonger than me. On top of that, I felt that I would show a disrespect for my new sister-in-law if I objected. Found myself slipping helplessly into her arms.

    "My turn! My turn!" Carol was saying and, still breathless, I was floated from Sylvia to Carol, very conscious of my woman's shape on the water as I transfered from one set of tanned arms to another, my own soft pale arms looking weak and womanish. My breasts highly visible as I was on my back. Now in Carol's embrace, found myself in a strong female presence, becoming more and more conscious of my own weakness as I was now even pouting my lips to be kissed.