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Tales of Sissies in Petticoats

Two stories following on from Tales of Sissies in Petticoats,vol. 1 (2022).

Sissy in Petticoats is the first (and primary) story, wherein a downturn in the economy requires our main character to take a "demeaning" secretarial position where he does not fit in at all. Not to worry, though, as an old college girlfriend comes to the rescue.

In The Twin Sissies, you'll find double the transformation for your reading pleasure.

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    Totally unaware of how girlish he was beginning to look Tara and I agreed it was time for Step Two.

    “Would you mind terribly if my roommate from college, and my very best friend, came to stay with us for a couple of months or so?” I asked one day. “She’s just been through a horrible divorce. Her husband was a wife beater and even put her in the hospital a couple of times,” Which wasn’t true, Tara had never gotten married.

    “Oh how terrible, of course not, she can stay as long as she likes,” He said, not realizing that was our plan.

    “The problem is, as you can imagine, just right now she hates all men, can’t stand being around them and swears the next penis she sees she’s going to cut off. She’s seeing a shrink to help her deal with the traumatic effects,” I lied.

    “But how’s she going to stand being around me, I mean I’m a man,” He stated the obvious. “Yes, that’s the problem, but I think if you tone down your rugged, masculine look you might not intimidate her so much,” I said, with the straightest face I could muster.

    “Well, that makes sense, but how do I do that?” He asked, neatly falling into our carefully thought out trap.