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Continued from Husband to Sister. So now Helen and her newly created "sister" and "niece" are off to a convention at a very exclusive resort. Of course, this means that they will have much more public exposure, even to men! Here they begin to discover that more than just their appearance has been changed.

  • Crossdressing
  • Female Domination
  • Slow Transformation
  • Adult Sexual Situations
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    Despite my initial aversions about dressing and presenting myself as a woman, I felt pride at the attractive person who gazed back at me from the mirror. I felt a git uneasy as I drove along the open highway in my provocative ensemble, even with my new driver's license in my purse.

    I valet parked my car a block from where Helen worked. I still felt self conscious about the stares and lewd comments I occasionally received from lustful men. I brushed my skirt to remove wrinkles and strolled toward the building where she works.

    A slight breeze felt nice as it blew my skirt about my legs. My heels made a staccato clicking as I strode along the sidewalk. I looked about to see if anyone was staring, but all I saw was the occasional look of an admiring man. 

    I was almost at Helen's building when I heard someone shout, "Eve! Eve, wait up!"

    I looked back and my heart jumped  as he ran to catch up with me. Warren from the convention was waving for me to wait up. A flood of thoughts raced through my mind as he ran to catch up with me. What was he doing here? Had he followed me? What did he want?

    I should have dashed into the nearest entrance, done anything to avoid him, but I didn't. I turned towards him and submissively waited. " Eve! I've been desperate to see you again since that fabulous night on the beach," he breathlessly proclaimed. I've thought of little else but you since that night."