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Elliot was a spoiled young man from a very wealthy family. His dad wanted him to work on getting the education that he would need to run his vast empire, but Elliot was only interested in a career as a rich playboy. His step-mother decided enough was enough and packed him off to a special school. "The Chrissy Institute... Transforming today's troublesome teens into the fabulous females of tomorrow!"

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    Just then, the boy who had been taken away was returned with a furor. The twenty three looked at this former disruptive delinquent fellow student in amazement because he was wearing a pink and white Alice in Wonderland dress with matching lipstick, nail polish, and a pink wig tied into twin angel wings! He had a sad, yet defiant expression as his eyes darted anxiously at the two females at his sides.

    Seeing the rebellious lad, Mx. Duke announced, "I see Molly Murphy had returned. His dress is very cute, don't you think? I'm sorry you missed it Molly, but the others have introduced themselves with a polite curtsy and using their preferred names. Now that you are wearing a pretty dress with a real skirt you won't have to pretend. You can meet them later, but for now, come to the front and take you turn."