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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

Glen is a world-class surgeon. His family is wealthy and he stands to inherit a fortune. Small problem, though; his stepmother is on long-term life support and unable to sign things over to him. Desperate, he comes up with a bizarre solution. Glen contacts an old friend from college. The friend is slight of build and had played a female in a Shakespearian production once but never anything else. If the friend would agree, Glen would pay for breast implants and a full makeover so that the friend could impersonate his stepmother. As peculiar as it sounds, it beat life as a failed actor.

But then an attraction develops...

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    ‘‘Aren’t you taking this a little too far?’’ Glen surveyed my new clothes strewn over the bed as I tried on one outfit after another.

    ‘‘How dare you!’’ I was really angry. ‘‘You’re the one who asked me to do this. What do you know about being a woman?’’

    ‘‘What do you know?’’ he shouted back.‘‘

    ‘‘Not much, but I’m trying to learn.’’ I said. ‘‘You selected me. All you knew is that I played Rosalind in a play.’’

    ‘‘You did that so believably.’’

    ‘‘But you don’t know how I got that role,’’ I said. ‘‘I was selected by the traditional method. They picked on the small guy with the long hair, then threatened him until he agreed.’’

    ‘‘I never knew that.’’

    ‘‘Of course you didn’t. You didn’t care; that was clear when you made out with me after. If I hadn’t been so drunk, you’d have had me sucking you off.’’

    ‘‘Okay, I’ve been insensitive.’’ He held up his hands. ‘‘I really want this to work and I really want you to know that I respect you. I’m so grateful that you agreed.’’

    ‘‘I guess I’ve gone too far to stop now,’’ I said, feeling myself calming down now that I’d got all that out of my system. ‘‘Let’s start again, shall we?’’

    ‘‘That sounds good.’’