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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

Barracks Beauties is 4 stories about men who are transformed while serving in the traditionally hyper-masculine environment of the military.

In The Barracks Go Co-Ed – Specialist Adam Palmer is selected to monitor an experiment the Army is conduction in co-ed barracks. Becoming part of a makeup demonstration stirs something inside of him... In Looting Lingerie Leads to Changes L.C., a young slacker, is forced to enlist by his father. While doing laundry at his base he pilfers a pair of panties and enjoys himself with them. His depravity is discovered by their owner and she forces him to see what life is like on the “other side”. Meanwhile in A Tough Test has Bobby in the Navy, in the same career field as his younger sister, Susie when she begs in to impersonate her and take her promotion test. Finally, in Top 4, Greg is assigned to a new hallway for only the Top 4 enlisted ranks, set up for men in a women’s barracks. He loses a bet and must dress as a female airman for a Halloween Contest. He winds up staying in skirts much longer than planned.

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    The Holiday Inn in Songtang-si was a bit nicer than some of the other hotels near the gates of Osan Airbase, but it lacked an elevator. That meant L.C. and Lisa had to climb up three flights of steps to reach her room. She pulled the key out of her purse and opened the door. She gestured to L.C. to enter first and she followed him inside. Once they were both in the room, she locked the door. “Now that we’re alone I have a few questions for you. Do you like dressing up in girly things?”

    L.C. thought long and hard before answering. If he told the truth, that being that he enjoyed the smell of dirty lingerie, he might suffer more than if he just admitted to wanting to wear the clothes. After a moment, he responded. “Yes. It’s been my thing since I was a teenager.”

    “You’re sure? Last chance to change your mind.”Lisa looked over at L.C. who nodded to indicate he was sure of his response. “Okay then. I’m going to reward your honesty by making your fantasy into a reality. Well, as close to a reality as we can get without you going to Europe for surgery. Go into the bathroom and strip off your clothes. Put them on the outside of the door. Then I want you to get into the shower. Once you’re washed yourself, step out and spread the liquid in that blue bottle on the sink all over your body, except your head and face. Wait fifteen minutes, then get back in the shower and rinse the crème off your body. Dry off, put on the robe and come back out here.”

    L.C. paused again, considering his options. Even if the door wasn’t locked, there was nowhere to run to. Not following Lisa’s instructions was a one-way ticket to prison. He got up and went into the bathroom.