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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

A Reluctant Press classic, re-imagined and freshly illustrated...
Mary and James were bored with their yuppie lives. They were successful in their careers and had everything and anything they could want, but still were not satisfied. Then while out driving along the coast, Mary sees a sign for Body by Fisher, proclaiming the possibility of a whole new life. There she meets Cathy and decides to find out if the couple could be helped to better their lives. The path that Mary lays out is for them to move closer to the other's point of view. Mary to become more masculine and James to become more feminine.

So the stage is set and the adventure of a lifetime begins as James becomes Jane and encounters men and temptations he never could have imagined.

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    She began to notice a slight change in the way he held himself. It had been three months since they had started the work with Body By Fisher. When she held him in her arms she could feel the difference in his waist, much smaller. The hips were expanding. The bust enlarging into almost an AA cup. He was conscious of this and avoided wearing tight knit sport shirts when he went out. One evening he came down to dinner in one of her dressing gowns. “My, don’t we look beautiful,” she said. “Oh, do you really think so?” This was not at all like James. He even went over to look in the mirror. “I don’t know what’s happening to me. I seem to be go

    ing toward the feminine. Look at these hips. And this bust. It’s embarrassing. At the office now I have to keep my coat buttoned all the time.”

    “Does it bother you?” she asked.

    “No. And that’s what bothers me, that it doesn’t bother me. What’s happening? Lately I feel so calm. I feel so contented with myself. It’s like what I’ve always admired so much in women I’m becoming.”

    “Yes, isn’t that true of everything in life. What we resist the most we become. That’s what Werner Earhart says.”

    “Really, and what does he resist?” James asked.

    “Telling us.. you...what you should be that’s up to you to find out.” Mary was now into her pontificating role and it bothered James, but now he was mellow and didn’t want to make issues.

    “Mary, you know, I feel mellow, really calm.”

    “Yes, darling, I’ve felt very close to you lately, Jane.”

    Jane started to weep softly. “You see? I never did this before. Why am I crying?

    Oh, sometimes it feels so natural to just let down and cry. It’s all so beautiful.” Mary had her arms around Jane/James. “I know. I know, darling. There, there. I’m with you. I love you. I have an idea.”

    “Oh, Mary, you are so good. I’ve been such a bastard, haven’t I?”

    “Oh no. But, I do like the way you have changed. Why don’t we get all dressed up and go out on the town as two smashing girls?”

    “Oh, I couldn’t. I might not pass. I’d hate to be found out.” James/Jane was now fishing for a compliment. He knew he passed very well. What he didn’t know was that Mary had heard all about the fashion shows from Cathy. She had even shown Mary the photos she had taken of Jane in her various dresses at the dress shop and the shows.