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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

Part 1, freshly illustrated and updated...

Although not what one would call a virile male, Shelley is married to Alicia, a gorgeous lingerie catalog model. She loves her husband but increasingly finds herself longing for a robust real man, a role that Carlos, a very well-built model she frequently works with is more than happy to fill. Alicia’s mother, Mrs. VanBeau, aware of her daughter’s carnal needs, hatches a plan. She would use her considerable skills at manipulation to transform her son-in-law into a pretty little sissy who would serve Alicia in any way she desired.

Shelley, completely unaware of what is planned for him, finds himself wearing a maid’s outfit with frilly undies beneath it. He also finds himself increasingly tantalized by the idea of letting Carlos see him like that. How long will it take for this combustible mixture to inevitably explode?

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    “Rise and shine, sweetheart. We have a big day ahead of us,” Mrs. VanBeau greeted cheerfully as she kissed the forehead of her effeminate charge.

    As Shelley rubbed his eyes, Mrs. VanBeau drew down the satin comforter and top sheet. “Oh my, what’s this?” she gasped in shocked motherly surprise. “Shelley, it looks like you had an accident during the night. You’ve made a mess of the sheets and your fiancé’s darling pajamas. Did you play with yourself?”

    “Why, n-n-no Mother VanBeau,” poor Shelley protested with reddened face, trying to avoid her accusing eyes by lowering his head in shame, as he wondered at the soft ache in his groin.

    “I hope not! Although, I can understand how you would find such sensuous material so exciting. I just cannot have you ruining these expensive sheets with such accidents. What would Alicia say?”

    Shelley vaguely recalled the very strange dreams that excited him during the night. In an instant, he recalled a stage full of beautiful dancing ballerinas being lifted effortlessly by strong muscular male dancers. A lovely French maid was gently bending forward, to reveal layers of ruffled petticoats like a white cloud over shimmering white satin panties, as she puckered her sensual red lips to...

    “I -I’m so sorry, Mother VanBeau,” Shelley exclaimed in stunned surprise over the pleasure he felt from recalling this exciting dream. Nervously, he swallowed as if to control the emotions he felt. “Please forgive me. And, please don’t tell Alicia. I don’t want her to know I slept in her things.”

    “Well, tonight we’ll have to do something to avoid such messes in the future. As I told you last night, little boys spending their first night away from home do tend to have exciting dreams and such,” she noted with a pleased smile upon observing his acceptance of his situation.

    What she had planned (all along) was to swaddle her budding sissy in a diaper of soft pink satin to absorb his wet dreams. In order to taunt his all-too-sissy wet dreams, this would be covered with a special pair of toddler-style, plastic lined, pink lace and silk panties trimmed with ribbons and bows. Tonight, he would be ready for the beautiful chiffon and silk baby-doll nightie. `Yes, I might also instruct him on the skills of foot massage and pedicure.’

    Her plan was moving along nicely. She was well on her way to being successful in convincing Shelley that he should enjoy spending as much time as possible in feminine surroundings, wearing feminine clothing and performing girlish tasks.