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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

Two stories...

In Saturday Night At The Opera Larry discovers womanhood through a magic ring while his wife wonders if he will make the transition just one too many times.

A time traveler discovers that he can change the past, and in so doing, change his own present. So time travel can be dangerous for your health when you become involved with The Renegade, and the Amazons committed to destroying his power.

Expanded, with all new illustrations.

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    “Everyone knows about the Gender Plague,” began Brendann. “It began on April 14, 2046. A group of male scientists at the CAM-DEM corporation were working on a genetic-engineered pseudo-virus that would rid women of the physical deterioration experienced in life after menopause. The changes became attached to a strain of cold virus by accident and spread throughout the world, ridding women of the problems as designed. But it also feminized all but a very small percentage of the male population within thirty months.”

    “How awful,” commented Ken sadly.

    “The world has been a better place since,” argued Brendann. “Society as it existed collapsed. We have one country, one egalitarian, human-oriented world.”

    “It just can’t be,” complained Ken as he looked at Brendann with an examining eye. “All your body contours are female. Why is it so flat between your legs?”

    “My genitalia is the same as yours, just more compacted into the contours of my body. After the Gender Plague, all feminized men were impotent. They had to create a second virus to compensate for all the feminized features. It was called the Counter Plague.”

    “Next I suppose you’re going to tell me that you are married and completely heterosexual,” scowled Ken.