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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

When Jonathan sees a "quick-change" act in a cabaret, it motivates him to find out the secret behing the seeming magic. He discovers that it's actually real magic behind the act when the performer reveals to him that his ability comes from a mysterious amulet. Jonathan commits a crime to obtain the charmed jewel and his life takes a turn for the bizarre and erotic.

Turns out the wearer of the amulet can become any other person they want. When his wife Carolyn finds out about this, she decides to fulfill some of her fantasies by transforming Johathan into a series of female personas, some of whom have an insatiable appetite for the male of the species.

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    “You’re not going to leave me like this?” Jonathan protested with a shocked and panicked look on his face.

    “I absolutely am!” she chuckled. “And if you don’t do exactly what I say from now on, then I’ll leave you that way forever or do even worse. “I could change you into a fat old lady or a whore and then destroy the amulet!!”

    He shivered at the intensity of her anger, yet felt a strange thrill over the humiliations involved in her words.

    “I’ve only been gone a few hours and obviously you have been out shopping and doing something else,” she observed in angry tones as she held up before his eyes her obviously cum-stained panties. “What have you been doing while I was away?”

    Suddenly he began to sob from the emotional stress, only to tearfully tell her in total details what he had done, including his shameful submission to the police officer.

    “My God! You have behaved like a whore,” she exclaimed. “Imagine, my Jonathan sucking off a cop. I never knew that you were gay.”

    “Carolyn! I was a woman.”

    “We’ll see what kind of woman you are tonight!” she swore, half in dire warning and half with amused tolerance.