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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

Cynthia, the author of several Reluctant Press stories, brings us two Spectrum tales under the title Sweet Charity.

In her first tale, Public Assistance, a young man learns that a college degree is not enough to get a job. He needs work experience. So he agrees to do anything to get a job, not realizing that the ladies at the employment office had the perfect job for a willing worker.
In Nanny, a man learns that charity has a bottom line, too. Sometimes, however, a "bottom line" doesn't involve money.

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    “OK, suppose Hattie does assign him to Jolene and suppose we let Jolene know that she has a free hand > with his training and suppose he has an accident while working and suppose he has no spare clothes and suppose Jolene bullies him into a dress and suppose if she does, suppose she makes him wear one every day after that? And suppose he’s forced to live there to be available and on-call? And, suppose, if after a couple weeks working every day and not able to look for other work, suppose someone makes a pass at him and suppose they get caught and suppose there’s a big scene and suppose Jolene fires him, and suppose he comes to see us again? And, just suppose...

    “Geez, it sounds good to me, so far,” Michelle admitted. “Sounds like you have it all figured out. And suppose we ‘discover’ what he’s been doing for Jolene, and how, and all, and we suggest a full-time maid’s position with us, and. . .”