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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

Stepmother recognises that her late husband's son isn't exactly a macho man, what with his short stature and lack of facial hair. She has plans for her stepson and meticulously leads him from step to step until he is employed in a local bar that employs female impersonators.

This will undoubtedly come as little surprise to you, dear reader, but he finds himself increasingly attached to the sensations feminine finery gives him. The customers of the bar notice his natural girlness as well, one taking a particular shine to the new waitress. Nature takes its course as the handsome man seduces the not-quite-a-full-girl.

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    It felt suddenly strange to be wearing a bra and panties; ones that looked pretty and matched in pale lavender shades. It felt even stranger when breast forms were placed in the bra cups. The sudden weight and protrusion was a sensation all of its own.

    ‘‘Couldn’t they be smaller and lighter?’’ I asked in shock as they wobbled against my skin.

    ‘‘They’re only small,’’ Cheryl replied. They’re not as big as Jasmine’s; more like my size.’’

    ‘‘Mine are bigger for professional reasons.’’ Jasmine sorted through a jumble of clothes.

    ‘‘He would say that,’’ Cheryl confided. ‘‘He said it was no use half-pretending that he’d got breasts. He didn’t want the audience to feel cheated.’’

    ‘‘Hey, I’m here and I’m listening,’’ he interrupted. ‘‘They’re a small D cup if you must know and not outrageous for my frame.’’

    ‘‘Okay, that was little Miss Perfect.’’ Cheryl blew a kiss to him. ‘‘I told him to look natural when he decided to get implants. I don’t mind going out with him looking like my sister but I didn’t want him to look like some sort of freak.’’